Graffipro AQ

Graffipro AQ

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Long lasting surface protection against graffiti and the adherence of stickers & posters

Graffipro AQ
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£38.95 ex.VAT
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Graffipro AQ is a silicone free complex of synthetic resins which gives a colourless protective film that resists water and bad weather. Graffipro AQ can be applied on most types of surface including concrete, cement mixtures, stone, brick, block, resistant paints etc ...

Graffipro AQ prevents the pigments and solvents, contained in spray paint, forming a permanence as well as as the adhesion of stickers and posters. It also has the advantage of protecting the treated surfaces against the solvents held within the paint or adhesive.

What does all of the mean? If someone sprays graffiti, sticks a poster or writes with a permanent marker onto a treated surface then you will be able to remove it with much less effort than if the wall was not treated.

We recommend mixing the product prior to use which is easily done by either shaking the container or stirring the contents for a few moments to ensure there is no separation of the Graffipro AQ which can happen whilst the container is in storage. Once this is done, and you have prepared your surface, then you are ready to start application. The viscosity of Graffipro AQ makes it an easy product to apply and very user friendly so application is easy and not time consuming.

Once dry, the Graffipro AQ is colourless so does not change the normal look or appearance of the surface.

Graffipro AQ maintains its function for up to 5 years.