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The PROFESSIONAL RANGE OF solutions and equipment for killing and preventing moss, algae, weeds and growth on all surfaces, indoors and outdoors

Treat and Prevent Problems

Such as:  moss, algae, lichen, liverwort, mould, weeds, pests

On:  roofs, walls, driveways, paths, patios, tennis courts, lawns etc

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Browse our pages for more information on any products or give us a call. We also have a flow chart which you can download as a PDF to help you to choose products according to the surface to treat and problem area:  View the PDF here

"I am glad that I found you again as I haven't had to use Batimoss/Baticlean for over 2 years. I used it on the fence and it worked exactly as in the picture on your website as well as on a metal gate and it leaves a beautiful finish. At first you think it is not doing anything and then suddenly all of the greening is gone and it lasts. I am going to use it on my tarmac drive now." - Mr Dann, West Midlands
"Recommended to my neighbours as worked so well"  - Mr Haines, Worcester


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