The PROFESSIONAL RANGE OF solutionS for killing and preventing pests, weeds and growth
on all surfaces, indoors and outdoors

Problems such as:  moss, algae, lichen, liverwort, mould, weeds, garden pests
Surfaces such as:  roofs, walls, driveways, paths, patios, tennis courts, lawns

Our range of solutions and equipment is suitable for use by both amateurs and professionals.  Browse these pages for technical advice on cleaning areas and protecting the surfaces from future growth and general wear & tear by clicking on the tabs above.  All products can be purchased online or over the telephone - 01673 866677.


Please feel free to browse these pages for more information on any products or give us a call. We also have a flow chart which you can download as a PDF to help you to choose products according to the surface to treat and problem area:  View the PDF here



Professional Mosskillers