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How does moss spread and reproduce?

Moss has evolved to grow and spread in harsh circumstances, so it is interesting to understand how the plant develops and why specialist solutions are required to kill and prevent its spread.

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Cleaning and maintaining brick, stone and block walls

With all types of construction, the removal of moss, algae, lichen or just 'greening' is most important, not just for the appearance of the wall but to maintain its structural strength and lifespan.

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Removing moss from a mono block driveway

Whilst mono block surfaces look great and are functional, they can be a breeding ground for moss, lichen & weeds especially between the blocks themselves. However, there are many ways to successfully clean mono block.

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Moss on Roof?

Moss on your roof can, and should, be removed. We give our advice on how to remove moss from your roof and to inhibit its regrowth.

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Moss Can Survive in Uninhabitable Areas
Moss On Brick Wall

Moss can flourish in the most uninhabitable of areas such as brick walls, bare patches of lawn, cracks in tarmac. The success of its many species is largely due to its size, design and adaptability.

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An Introduction to Goizper Sprayers

We have been working closely with Goizper for over 5 years and now distribute their sprayers throughout the UK and Ireland.

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