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3 Nozzle Spray Bar

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£59.40 (ex.VAT)


Brass extension spray wand that gives a spray width of 1.5-metres via three nozzles. Save time when spraying larger areas.

Single unit
Product Code: 1452
£59.40 ex.VAT
£71.28 inc.VAT

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Product Description

This high quality brass spray extension boom measures 1-metre wide and is fitted with 3 brass nozzles that give a spray pattern of 1.5-metres wide.

This is the ideal option, for use with our Mesto range of sprayers, when looking to spray larger areas as this extension spraying boom allows you to spray with 3 nozzles at the same time so a standard spray width of around 500mm suddenly becomes 1500mm so greatly reducing the time you spend spraying or greatly increasing the area that you can spray in a day.

The boom is supplied with 3 fan nozzles however these can be changed with others from our range if they would be better suited to your spraying needs. To do this, just contact us and we can advise which nozzles can be used and make the necessary changes for you.

With the lance and nozzles being constructed from brass this is a hard wearing accessory so, with the minimum of care, will last for many years.