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Group 10
RS12 Backpack 1

RS125 Backpack Sprayer

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£105.00 (ex.VAT)


Knapsack sprayer with 6 BAR maximum pressure & FPM seals for the spraying of mild acidic and neutral chemical solutions.

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Single unit
Product Code: 0459
£105.00 ex.VAT
£126.00 inc.VAT

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Product Summary

This knapsack sprayer is manufactured with a rigid polypropylene tank and fitted with FPM chemical resistant seals which will allow you to spray acidic and neutral chemical products. Due to the unique design of our RS range, the tank can be pressurised to 6 BAR (88psi) which is double the working pressure of the vast majority of other sprayers.

The potentially high working pressure means that there is not the requirement to constantly pump this sprayer in order to maintain a spray pattern. This is very useful, especially when using with our long telescopic lances.

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