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Foaming Spray 8 - Acid

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£95.00 (ex.VAT)


Professional quality sprayer for the application of mild acidic and neutral foaming agents.

Compression Sprayer - Foam - Acid - 8 litre
Product Code: 0481
£95.00 ex.VAT
£114.00 inc.VAT

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Product Description

This is a professional quality sprayer designed with the cleaning industry in mind. The 12.5-litre capacity tank allows for a massive 4.5 litres of compressed air (36% of the total tank volume) this means that, once compressed, you will have a much longer spray time before you must re-compress the tank. Less time wasted, more time spraying.

FPM seals allow for the use mild acidic and neutral chemicals and the nozzle will give a dry, adherent foam over a wide area. The hose is 2.5 metres in length so you don't have to carry the tank all of the time, you will be able to stand the tank and walk around.

This tank can be attached to an air compressor removing the need to manually pressurise. This can be done by fitting the Compressed Air Filler Top and simply attaching the airline. You also have the option of mounting the tank on Transport Trolley removing any need to carry the tank.