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Need to know how to treat moss, algae and lichen? Not sure which is the best solution or application for a particular surface?

SPCB UK is the manufacturer and supplier of a professional and renowned range of solutions to treat and clean all surfaces. With such a wide range to choose from, we have produced a number of information pages to advise you how to treat specific surfaces most effectively. Please get in touch if you can't see anything which covers your own situation


IK Sprayer Compatibility Chart
A chart showing different chemical compositions and the compatibility with the IK sprayer range
Which cleaning solution? Flow chart and application guide.
Unsure of which product to use? Here is a downloadable visual guide with advice to help you decide on the best product from our moss and algae killing range depending on the problem area to clean, scenario and preferred application method.
Cleaning advice - How to choose the correct solution.

Different scenarios, as well as your preferred application method for cleaning moss and algae, often require different solutions. This cleaning advice and information guide will help you to choose the most suitable product for your task and surface type.

How does moss spread and reproduce? Evolution and spread.

Moss has evolved to grow and spread in harsh circumstances, so it is interesting to understand how the plant develops and why specialist solutions are required to kill and prevent its spread. Moss can spread in different ways; spore dispersal through wind and insects, fragmentation and shoot growth.

Cleaning moss from artificial sports surfaces

Artificial surfaces may be used for sports pitces but also as a low maintenance alternative to lawns. However, maintenance is not eliminated as moss and algae may spread and become slippery, so synthetic turf and textured rubber or 3G surfaces should be treated to prevent growth and spread.

Moss on a tennis court?

Tennis court maintenance is vital to ensure a hazard free playing area as well as protecting your tennis court from environmental damage. Here is a guide to cleaning your tennis court and removing moss in preparation for the summer months.

Tennis courts - calculate moss treatment area and quantity

Our solutions are very popular for treating moss and algae on tennis courts to ensure an attractive and hazard free surface. This guide helps to calculate application rates and equipment for the cleaning of a tennis court based on playing area and type of court.

How to choose your roof moss killer - surface and treatment

Moss, algae and lichen are all types of growth which can cause damage to a roof as well as being unsightly. We manufacture and supply a range of moss, algae and lichen treatment solutions for different surfaces, such as felt, thatch and tile and slate. Our guide helps you to see what suits you best.

Treating moss on a pitched roof - method and solution

A pitched roof can accumulate moss, algae and lichen, particularly in damp or north facing areas.  Tiles can often become dislodged as moss spreads. Removing moss from a pitched roof is relatively simple and cost effective, so here is our guide.

Removing Moss from a Thatch Roof

Thatch is susceptible to the growth of moss and algae due to the materials used. It is generally more economical to treat and maintain a thatched roof rather than replace it. It is also recommended to treat a new thatched roof for protection against spores and growth.

Moss on Flat Roof - Treatment and Prevention

A flat roof may be more susceptible to greening and moss due to the pooling of water thus creating a damp environment ideal for growth. Stone chippings can mean that power washing is not an option. Treatment is simple with a systemic moss and algae killer to remain on the surface.

Removing Moss from a Mono Block Driveway

Cleaning monoblock drives, paths and patios need not be a time consuming task on your hands and knees. Gaps between blocks are typical areas susceptible to the growth of moss and algae. Treatment and maintenance is simple and effective with a few options available.

Cleaning tarmac/asphalt driveways of moss and algae

It is simple and economical to clean tarmac and bitumen paths and driveways with the correct equipment and cleaning solution. The rough moist surface encourages the reproduction of moss and algae spores which looks unsightly and can be slippery. We have different options depending on application and requirements.

Cleaning and maintaining brick, stone and block walls

Porous and uneven surfaces are ideal places for the growth of algae and moss. The method for the removal of moss, algae or lichen from walls very much depends upon the the type of brick, age and general condition of the wall. Maintenance will protect the wall from damage caused by growth.

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