IK INOX Stainless Steel compression sprayers have been manufactured with maximum resistance materials to be used with mineral and vegetable oils, curing agents and neutral cleaners. Can be similarly used with hydrocarbon based solvents, lubricants and petroleum derivatives. Not suitable for acids.


- Seals and materials resistant to mineral and vegetable, curing agents and neutral cleaners.
- Innovative and ergonomic design.
- Stable base with feet brackets.
- Parking for easy use lance and serves as a handhold or holding bar when emptying the tank.
- Parking for the chamber during filling.
- Stainless steel handle and lance.
- Safety valve set at 6 bar.
- Standard compressed air connector in 10 l models.
- Pressure gauge.
- Wide funnel integrated into tank for easy filling.
- Adjustable cone nozzle and standard elbow with fan nozzle.
- Carrying straps for overshoulder transport.

- Option of working at pressures up to 6 bar. Greater range and possibility of spraying dense liquids.
- Option of spraying hot liquids.
- Superior resistance as regards solvents and petroleum derivatives.

* Construction(concrete release agents, waterproofing agents, curing agents etc.)
* Professional cleaning (sanitary areas, graffiti, floors).
* Pest control.

IK Range:

Maximum Flow
Maximum Operating Pressure 6 BAR
Nozzle Fan and adjustable cone supplied with unit
Tank Construction Material Stainless Steel
Unit Height
Unit Weight
Working Capacity 6 litre / 10 litre
Connector Required for Telescopic Lance No

IK Stainless Steel Compression Sprayers

IK range of stainless steel, chemical resistant sprayers

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