Our Mesto Maxima is a compression sprayer with a 5-litre capacity yellow, polyethylene tank and a maximum spraying pressure of 3 BAR which gives a maximum flow rate of 4.5 litres per minute.

As with most of the sprayers within the Mesto range, the Maxima is packaged in a strong cardboard box upon which there are plenty of colour photos and information about the sprayer.  The box incorporates a carry handle which is a nice touch that, again, many of the Mesto ranges have.  You may be thinking why I bother mentioning the box.  I believe that the quality and the design of the box can be a good indicator as to the quality & design of the sprayer.  If the manufacturers have spent time designing the box, then there is a very good chance that they have also spent time designing the sprayer.

Enough about the box and a bit more about the sprayer.  Everything is nicely packed around the tank, so to start assembly of the sprayer, I just needed to remove the additional items.  This didn’t take long as almost everything is in a plastic bag.  Spray handle, hose, instruction booklet, shoulder strap and numerous other little bits and pieces are all in there.  The only things not in the bag are the two spray lances.  Time to start assembling and it looked easy enough.  I read through the instruction booklet which gave plenty of information both about the assembly and about the sprayer itself but I do find the assembly drawings easy to use and they told me everything I needed to know.  First, the hose needs to be attached.  The Maxima has, what is known as, a recoil hose; that means that it is coiled so that it stretches out to its maximum 2.5 meter length then coils back to its normal length of around 500mm.  TIP I couldn’t push the hose onto the tank or handle fittings, as it is quite a heavy-duty hose, so I simply dipped the ends of the hose into hot water for a few moments which softened them making it far easier to attach.  There is a lance and an extension which thread onto the handle so no issues attaching these.  I also had no issues with the shoulder strap, just follow the instructions and the assembly will make sense.  There are a couple of additional small parts to fit and both are a nice touch.  The first is a small yellow cover that fits into the base of the tank.  Once this is in place you have a small spare parts box into which you can put the spare washers, that are supplied with the sprayer, which will ensure you don’t lose them.  The second is a wall bracket.  Choose to use it or not but I think this is a good idea to keep the sprayer up and out of the way when not in use.

Assembly was complete so I was ready to start spraying.  This is when you will see another unusual feature about this sprayer, it has a separate filling h

Can I use this sprayer with your telescopic lances?

Yes.  This sprayer can be used with either our 3.2 metre or 5.4 metre telescopic lances, as well as other lance extensions within our range.  All you need to connect this sprayer to either of the long telescopic lances is either the Sprayer Connecting Hose or Flexible Connecting Hose.

What is the difference between 'working maximum fill' or 'working capacity' and 'total contents'?

Compression sprayers work by pressurising the air within the tank and this pressurised air pushing the liquid out.  The more air that you have in the tank then the more air that can be pressurised and the longer you can spray before having to re-pressurise the tank.  The 'total contents' is the capacity of the tank (7.5 litres with this sprayer) and the 'working fill' is the recommended maximum fill (5 litres with this sprayer).  The difference of 2.5 litres is the minimum amount of air that can be pressurised for the tank to operate properly.  If you filled the tank with 7.5 litres then you wouldn't be able to build any pressure and the sprayer wouldn't work.

You should be careful with this as many sprayers are sold by advertising the larger figure and leading people to believe that this is the maximum amount of liquid the sprayer can operate with.  It is not, it is the size of the tank.

Compression sprayers: MAXIMA

Compression sprayer with 5 litre plastic tank and 2.5 meter RECOIL hose.


Device description:

• Tank: Plastic
• Carried at the side or optionally on the back (with our padded carrying strap)
• Seals: NBR
• Nozzle: Brass, hollow cone 1.1 mm
• Spray wand: Brass 40 cm, 360° rotatable
• Hose: Recoil hose 2.5 m

Special features of the product:

• Separate filler opening with large integrated funnel and filling screen
• Measuring cup in the lid
• Connecting hose for our 5.4 meter or 3.2 meter TELESCOPIC LANCES
• Pressure gauge with safety valve
• Spare parts compartment with spare seals included
• Supplied with additional brass extension wand 40 cm
• Practical wall bracket

Accessories available:

• Padded carrying strap
• Spray Shield with Nozzle
• Spray Shield without Nozzle
Hose Spiral recoil hose 2.5 metres
Lance 2 x 50cm brass
Maximum Flow
Maximum Operating Pressure 3 BAR (44 psi)
Nozzle Brass
Seals NBR (neutral products, oils, grease and hydrocarbons)
Tank Construction Material Polyethylene
Unit Weight 2.4 Kg
Working Capacity 5 litres
Connector Required for Telescopic Lance Yes

Maxima Compression Sprayer - 5 litre

5 litre working capacity tank and a 2.5 meter recoil hose that combines excellent reach with ease of use

  • Brand: Mesto Sprayers
  • Product Code: AM:SP:UN-1231-0001
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  • £42.50

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