Specialist Brushes

On this page you will find our unique range of sweeping brushes of all shapes and sizes and for all types of use as well as wire scratch brushes. We also have telescopic handles, water flow and brushes and other equipment for professional window cleaning and exterior surface cleaning.

If you can't find exactly what you are looking for then call us or send us a message via our CONTACT US page as we are here to help you.

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Brush Equipment Type

Wire Broom & Handle

Heavy duty wire broom with 70mm bristles, wooden stock and handle.

Wire Broom & Handle (short bristle)

Wooden stock with 35mm wire bristles

Yard Broom & Handle

Wooden broom measuring 260mm (10") wide and cane/bassine bristles.

Wide Platform Broom

High quality platform broom with a 29mm diameter wooden handle and a zinc stay. Ideal for sweeping large outdoor and indoor areas.

Deck Scrub Broom

High quality stiff deck scrubbing broom and handle ideal for sweeping all types of wooden surfaces including decking and cladding. Can be used inside and outside.

Deck Broom Wire

This wire brush and handle is ideal for sweeping decking and will make the removal of weeds & moss quick and easy.

Wire Weed Brush & Handle

Wooden stock with 35mm metal bristles and wooden handle.

Waterflow Broom with Extending Handle 2.13m

Long reach ideal for windows, conservatories with hose fitting for flow of water

Stiff Broom & Handle

Stiff broom with 90mm PVC bristles, wooden handle and 250mm wooden stock.

Road Gutter Sweeping Broom & Handle

Modern twist on a classic sweeping broom. Ideal for sweeping road gutters and rough floor areas such as patios, driveways, car-parks and concrete floors.

Professional Waterflow Broom with Telescopic Handle 3.3m

Long reach ideal for windows, conservatories with hose fitting for flow of water

CLEANING Brooms with Telescopic Handle up to 4 metres length

CLEANING Brooms with Telescopic Handle up to 4 metres length 12 and 18 inch. Choice of bristle.

Rounded Brush with Telescopic Handle

Cleaning rounded sweeping brush with a telescopic handle that gives a reach of up to 4-metres.

Angled Brush with Telescopic Handle

Cleaning brush with an angled 10 inch (252mm) head and a telescopic handle up to 4-metres length

197mm Swivel Head with Aluminium Telescopic Handle

Professional 197mm Swivel Scrub with Universal Joint and lightweight aluminium handle.

280mm Deck Scrub Brush with Aluminium Telescopic Handle

High quality, durable deck scrub brush for moderate industrial use with lightweight telescopic handle.

Wire Scratch Brush Heavy Duty

Heavy duty scratch brush with four rows of steel bristles and solid wooden handle.

Wire Scratch Brush Curved

Heavy duty wire scratch brush with long, curved solid wood handle and four rows of metal bristles.

Wire Scratch Brush with Scraper

Wire Scratch Brush with four rows of hardened steel bristles. Moulded wooden handle and metal scraper.

Single Row Wire Scratch Brush

Wire hand brush with a single row of metal bristles and curved wooden handle for easy use.

Broom Heads - fit 4 metre telescopic handle

CLEANING Brooms and Heads - fit 4 metre telescopic long handle

Industrial stiff 305mm Wire Broom Head

Heavy duty wooden scouring brush ideal for a large variety of roles such as clearing moss and cleaning concrete. Head only.

Extra Stiff 280mm Deck Scrub Head

High quality, durable 280mm deck scrub brush ideal for moderate industrial use. Head only.

Extra Stiff 197mm Swivel Scrub Brush Head

Professional 197mm Swivel Scrub with Universal Joint ideal for removing stubborn marks from hard surfaces. Head only.

Rounded Brush Head

Angled cleaning rounded sweeping brush head with medium strength bristles. Head only.

Aluminium Telescopic Broom Handle 1.3 - 4 metres

This broom handle fits our CLEANING brooms and is made of lightweight aluminium at only 0.76kg. The telescopic broom handle extends from 1300mm to 4000mm.

Heavy Duty Fibreglass Telescopic Handle

Heavy duty fibreglass telescopic handle

3000mm Telescopic handle

3000mm Telescopic handle

5000mm Telescopic Handle

5 metre telescopic handle for our window cleaning range

Wooden handle 23mm diameter

Wooden handle to fit our brush and broom heads.

152mm Squeegee Handle

Ergonomic soft handle - quick release Anti-slip and rust resistant.

350mm Squeegee Channel

350mm Squeegee Channel.Window cleaning range, 350mm stainless steel squeegee channel and rubber blade, for use with PW1 handle.

350mm T- Bar Handle

Bi-Component T-BAR handle. Window cleaning range, 350mm wide T Bar, comfortable soft non-slip handle, to take T Bar sleeves.

350mm T-Bar Sleeve

Window cleaning range, 350mm synthetic sleeve with hook and fastener, for use with T-Bar Handle 0102. Machine washable.

350mm Microfibre Sleeve

350mm Microfibre Sleeve. Window cleaning range, 350mm lint free microfibre sleeve with hook, fastener and abrasive pad, for use with T Bar Handle. Machine washable.