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Mr Shand, Cleveland

"I would have to say that the help, advice and service I received from yourselves was absolutely first class. The results of the first spray also appear to be first class."

Dec 06, 2018

Mr Salmon, Bristol

"I am very happy with the products and service SPCB supplied. You provided a good service, at a good price and good communications, 4.8 stars! Keep up the good work!"

Oct 12, 2018

Mr Giles via Facebook

"Customer service and products are first rate as well as after sales service and help." (5 stars)

Aug 15, 2018

Ms Poskitt via Facebook

"I dealt with two different members of staff, and both were excellent, very knowledgeable and helpful and after assessing my moss issues, guided me to the most suitable products, I now think I can tackle the moss issue with confidence. Thanks guys, you are the best." (5 stars)

Aug 01, 2018

John McLaren, Cumbria

"I would state that your company was exceptional in dealing with my query about what product to use on my artificial lawn. The lady I dealt with initially could not have been more helpful in answering questions and recommending the correct product to counteract my lawn problems and was very prompt in her replies. When I asked if I could collect on a Saturday you went out of your way to accommodate me. I would not hesitate in recommending your company."

Jun 12, 2018

David Bloomfield via Facebook

"Very helpful and quick delivery. Follow up chat on line was of great benefit" (5 stars)

May 26, 2018

Mr Calvert, Lancashire

"Delivery of product was very prompt and product has been extremely effective and showed effect amazingly quickly."

May 10, 2018

Mr Cosma, Germany

"I wish to make a review for SPCB service. I will keep it short and concise. Pros: Very good communication. Reply was swift and informative. Support regarding delivery. Really helped me by calling the depot and managed to give me a contact. Also wanted to make sure the delivery arrived safely by keeping constant touch with me. Cons: I don't have any complaints."

Apr 12, 2018

Ms Toerien, Rutland

"Wow! What an amazingly rapid and detailed response. I wasn't expecting to hear from you until Monday. Thank you for your advice. I will put my order in later today."

Jul 22, 2017

Mrs Lennon, West Midlands

"Our front garden is on a slope and is difficult to mow so we have artificial turf which can get a lot of moss that is difficult to get out. I was very pleased with Baticlean CR when I used it 2 years ago as the moss came out really easily by hand or a bit of raking. The important issues for me were that the product did not stain like other products and also did not need rinsing. It only took a litre of Baticlean CR and it solved my problem so that I can maintain the turf at little cost."

Feb 21, 2016

Mr Farragher, Co Galway

"I found the presale service to be excellent. All my questions were answered accurately and promptly. Delivery was swift and the product was exactly as advertised.Having used the lance sprayer extension I am very happy with its performance."

Nov 27, 2018

Ms Kimber, Surrey

"I am very pleased with SPCB Mosskillers - it has made a big difference to my patio."

Sep 26, 2018

Richard Hill, Shropshire

Very satisfied with both product and service.

Aug 10, 2018

Michael Pearce, Surrey

"Excellent efficient service."

Jun 29, 2018

John Ledgard, Gloucestershire

"I would like to thank you for the excellent service I received from your company, the product, Baticlean (Batimoss) is fantastic. I will certainly recommend SPCB and your products to my friends."

Jun 11, 2018

Ms Showan via Facebook

Has made a real difference to cleaning the moss from our drive some of which was heavily covered and the result of long term infestation. Almost looks pristine now.

May 16, 2018

Mr Beaumont, West Yorkshire

"This is the second time that I have bought the chemical for removing” black spot” and whilst it is quite expensive it does clear black spot from stone surfaces if used correctly. Last year I treated a heavily contaminated area of stone block paving and the black spot has not returned to date, additionally, the stone setts remain bright and contamination free.I recommend using a jet wash, jet the affected area some 30 minutes after brushing the chemical on but always prior to product drying. As far as the service is concerned, my order was easily placed on line and delivered as advised and on time by a professional courier. Thank you!"

May 09, 2018

Mr Rayment via Facebook

My Indian Sandstone was badly suffering from blackspot and algae infestation until I discovered SPCB Mosskillers and their great range of products ... Following their help and advice I applied Batifort and the blackspot simply vanished before my eyes returning my paving to its original glory !! Subsequent application of Baticlean CR annually and put an end to the blackspot and the return of the algae ... I cant recommend their products enough ..

Apr 04, 2018

Ms Simpson, Cambridgeshire

"Would just like to say many thanks for the speedy way my order was dispatched. I received it today. The only disappointment is that Dan fibbed - he didn't get on the train to come and clear all the moss from the paths. Would like to add that he was brilliant, makes a nice change to have a pleasant and happy person to speak to. Thanks again."

Jul 17, 2017

Mr Dann, West Midlands

"I am glad that I found you again as I haven't had to use Batimoss/Baticlean for over 2 years. I used it on the fence and it worked exactly as in the picture on your website as well as on a metal gate and it leaves a beautiful finish. At first you think it is not doing anything and then suddenly all of the greening is gone and it lasts. I am going to use it on my tarmac drive now."

Jan 24, 2016

Mr Pritchard, Suffolk

"I have held off commenting on the effectiveness of Baticlean CR until I had a chance to see how it coped over a period of time. We live in a one and a half storey house with a very large roof which is surrounded by tall trees and the roof has been a blanket of thick green moss. I had originally removed some of the moss with a scraper but this is a laborious process, I couldn’t reach all areas easily and removal didn’t deal with reoccurrence. Baticlean CR applied several months ago has now killed all of the moss including the areas I could not reach, black lichen is going and the roof is gradually becoming clean and tidy. The very long 5.4mtr and 3.2mtr Lances have made the spraying a doddle and even enjoyable. SPCB have responded to questions and dealt with orders very quickly the goods themselves arriving speedily and well packed. I would recommend anyone needing help with any of the problems that SPCB can specifically address to get in touch with them immediately, it’s taken a load off my mind and I can’t praise the company highly enough."

Nov 20, 2018

Mr Evans, Fife

"I am happy to endorse and recommend Batiface rapid acting moss, lichen and algae killer. It is effective, economical and easy to use. Similarly I endorse Hydrosil BS as a complement to Batiface. Used after Batiface it ensures a longer lasting clean surface that sheds the rain and water."

Sep 20, 2018

Alan Arnold, Cambridgeshire

I found your service to be 1st class. Fast delivery and I would certainly recommend your products and service to anyone.

Aug 01, 2018

Stuart Neil, Devon

"Thanks. Very pleased with the promptness and delivery service."

Jun 13, 2018

Sue Simpson via Facebook

"Fantastic stuff painted our green mossy fence with their moss killer next day it was gone good quality does exactly what it says it does" (5 stars)

Jun 09, 2018

Anonymous - Website Experience

Excellent, Ashley was brilliant with her online help and I had the feeling she knew what she was talking about. I look forward to a moss free roof!

May 16, 2018

Mr Quayle, Cheshire

"I have been impressed by your efficient service. I have not yet evaluated the moss killer, but I expect it to be a success."

May 01, 2018

Mr Smith, Essex

"Baticlean CR was fantastic to clean the roof of my Jaguar car. I lent some to the manager of our local golf club for the roof and never got it back as it was so good so need to get some more now!"

Mar 26, 2018

Mrs Ganderton, Lancashire

"Baticlean is brilliant. It worked really well on our block paving and it was a long time before we had to think about using it again. I was amazed. Before, I had to get down on my hands and knees to scrape it out but not now."

Feb 27, 2017