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Water Treatment 301

Proco 301

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£40.00 - £80.00 (ex.VAT)


Coagulant for water-based paint and glues.


Product Code: 0065
£40.00 ex.VAT
£48.00 inc.VAT

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Product Description

Liquid coagulant and biocide designed to be used within a wet spray booth or with industrial water that is contaminated with all types of water-based paint or other coatings such as lacquer and glue.

Proco 301 will separate the contaminents from within the water and the biocide will kill water bourne bacteria and keep the seperated paint soft and stop it from sticking within the booth such as in pipes, pumps and nozzles. Proco 301 is normally used with solvent based coatings however it also works very well when the water contains a mixture of solvent, water or powder coatings.

Proco 301 can be used alone or with our Proflo+ which will allow for the removal of treated coatings from the water thus eliminating the need for water changes and greatly reducing production down-time and wasted man-hours.