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Transport Trolley - Profi and Cleaner Sprayers

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£30.00 (ex.VAT)


Mount your sprayer on a trolley meaning no more having to carry your compression sprayer. The sprayer is not included with the trolley.

Transport Trolley - Profi and Cleaner Sprayers
Product Code: 0170
£30.00 ex.VAT
£36.00 inc.VAT

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This is a transportation trolley for your compression sprayer. Designed to fit our Cleaner & Profi range of sprayers this trolley is easily fixed to your sprayer and brings a number of benefits; firstly you don't have to carry the sprayer, you can now pull (or push) the trolley. The wide spread and large wheels also make the movement over rough ground easy and you can easily stand the trolley greatly reducing the chances of it falling over.