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Deck Broom Wire

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£11.45 (ex.VAT)


This wire brush and handle is ideal for sweeping decking and will make the removal of weeds & moss quick and easy.

Deck Broom Wire
Product Code: 0110
£11.45 ex.VAT
£13.74 inc.VAT

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A decking wire brush should be able to handle some rough use and some heavy duty cleaning. Our decking wire brushes ticks both boxes.

Our decking wire brushes are designed for the cleaning of smaller areas, for example areas of timber decking, as opposed to our Wire Broom & Handle or Wire Broom & Handle (short bristle) that will handle larger of areas. The wooden stock gives the 60mm, 0.5mm round brass coated, steel wire bristles a stable base to handle some very tough brushing. With over 1400 bristles per broom there are plenty for even the toughest jobs.

This weed brush is ideal for sweeping timber decking and removing weeds and moss from driveways and blockwork patios and many other surfaces that require some good scrubbing. It is especially good for clearing Tarmac surfaces and removing moss prior to treatment.