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Telescopic Lance 1

Telescopic Spray Lance - 5.4 metres

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£61.95 (ex.VAT)


Five piece telescopic lance extension that can be used with all knapsack and compression sprayers within our range.

Single lance
Product Code: 0454
£61.95 ex.VAT
£74.34 inc.VAT

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Product Description

Our telescopic pressure sprayer long extension lance can increase the reach of your spraying by over 5.4-metres. Popular, lightweight and strong, this telescopic lance is designed to be used in a wide range of areas including home & garden, industrial and construction.

This is a five piece telescopic lance with each of the lengths sliding into the others so the minimum lance length is around 1.3-metres. You can use the lance at various lengths just by extending a section meaning that the maximum reach of 5.4-metres is not the only option for you.

Weighing just 1100g and with Viton seals this sprayer extension lance will help you with even the most awkward of spraying jobs. Roofs, high walls and fruit trees will now not be out of reach. This telescopic lance will connect to all of the backpack and compression sprayers on our site but not every sprayer on the market.

If you decide to not use the lance at its full extent, we recommend extending from the nozzle end, one section at a time, gently pulling each section until it wedges into a locked position. If you aren't using all of the sections then you may find that if you quickly twist the lance whilst spraying then, as all of the sections aren't locked into place, you may find that the nozzle can move. To stop this either simply hold the final unlocked section whilst spraying or wedge the unused sections in place to stop them moving.