Stabilus 1

Stainless Steel Backpack

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£220.00 (ex.VAT)


18 litre capacity tank and 6 BAR working pressure. Ideal for use with mild acidic & neutral chemical products, biocides and fungicides.

Stainless Steel Knapsack Sprayer
Product Code: 0462
£220.00 ex.VAT
£264.00 inc.VAT

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Our range of backpack sprayers are of the highest quality designed for professional use and are suitable for home & industrial applications. This Mesto Stabilus knapsack sprayer is manufactured in stainless steel with Viton chemical resistant seals:

This unit is designed to be used with many types of different chemical liquids including many mosskillers, weedkillers, alkaline products (pH = 9), plant protection products, forming oils, low viscosity mineral oils. It should not be used with any combustible, corrosive (certain disinfectine and impregnating agents, acids and bases) or solvent based liquids. If you are uncertain of the compatability of this unit with any of our products then please contact us for confirmation of suitability.