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Double Head Ext1

Sprayer Double Head Extension

Product information

£8.85 (ex.VAT)


Double head sprayer extension to fit all of our Goizper sprayers.

Requires a connector if added to a 3 or 5m expension lance.

Sprayer Double Head Extension
Product Code: 0162
£8.85 ex.VAT
£10.62 inc.VAT

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Our sprayer extension will double the area you can spray with a single pass.

Designed to fit all of our Goizper sprayers, this DOUBLE HEADED FLEXIBLE SPRAYER EXTENSION provides you with two spray heads that can be extended to over 460mm apart. This will allow you to increase your normal spray pattern to approximately 650mm wide. The ideal product for spraying large areas, this time saving unit is easy to fit and both nozzle heads can be separately adjusted. The two sprayer rods are flexible enough to allow spraying around a corner if necessary.

All you have to do is remember that two heads are better than one.

Requires a Connecting Tube if connecting to a 3.2m or 5.4m extension lance.