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Profi Plus 10

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£88.50 - £162.65 (ex.VAT)


10 litre maximum working volume and FPM seals, ideal for acidic & neutral chemical solutions.


Product Code: 0524
£88.50 ex.VAT
£106.20 inc.VAT

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Product Description

10-litre tank working capacity and a 2.5-metre recoil hose means that this is a sprayer that is just as comfortable being used around the home and garden as it is with our professional clients.

The 10-litre Profi Plus is fitted with FPM seals which give higher resistance to corrosive chemicals especially acidic products and the 3bar maximum working pressure makes this the ideal sprayer for many jobs and it can be used be used many of our extension wands and lances including our larger telescopic lances.

In addition to all of this, the Profi Plus can be used with an air compressor. You would need to use either accessory 0649 or 0746 which takes the place of the sprayer pump handle and allows you to connect your Profi to a compressor which means that you would have a constant supply of compressed air without the need to pressurise by hand.