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Plastic Telescopic Lance 52-90cm

Product information

£11.44 (ex.VAT)


This telescopic extendable lance is designed to fit sprayers within our Mesto range

Plastic Telescopic Lance 52-90cm
Product Code: 0730
£11.44 ex.VAT
£13.73 inc.VAT

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Product Description

This plastic telescopic lance can be extended to 900mm from its 520mm starting point. It is supplied with a brass 1.1mm hollow cone nozzle and NBR seals. The lance is designed to fit most of the sprayers within our Mesto range.

Whilst this is certainly not the longest lance in our range, it is very handy for reaching the areas that are just out of your reach and that you would normally end up using a stepladder to reach. This telescopic lance will help you keep your feet on the ground.

The supplied hollow cone nozzle can be changed for another from our extensive range. If another type of nozzle would better suit your spraying requirements then just contact us and we will advice which nozzles can be used and make the necessary changes.