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Cleaner Sprayer 10

Cleaner Fix Plus

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£49.72 (ex.VAT)


Entry level sprayer within our CLEANER range for mild acidic and neutral products.

Single Unit
Product Code: 0666
£49.72 ex.VAT
£59.66 inc.VAT

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Product Description

This 5 litre sprayer is the first unit in our CLEANER range which is specifically designed for the application of a wide range of chemical products normally used by cleaning professionals for an extensive range of applications.

The Cleaner Fix Plus is supplied with a 2 metre clear plastic hose with an integral micro filter. The textured plastic lever handle also has an integral filter and the 50cm spray wand is fitted with a flat jet nozzle that can be rotated around 3600 helping you to reach into all types of areas.

The spray wand can be extended by a further 45cm with our Cleaner Extension Lance. You can also adapt your sprayer to connect to an air compressor and have a constant supply of air without having to compress the tank yourself with our Compressed Air Handle.