Ferrox 10

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Steel tank, 6 BAR maximum spraying pressure, 2.5 metre hose and NBR seals.

Mesto Metal Compression Sprayer - 10 litre
Product Code: 0724
£168.00 ex.VAT
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This is a high-quality compression sprayer with a polyester coated steel tank that that allows for a maximum working pressure of 6 bar.

The high strength metal tank allows for a higher, than normal, maximum working pressure which enables products with a higher viscosity to be sprayed or products which are stipulated to be applied at pressures more than 3 bar. The steel construction also allows for liquids of up to 50oC and is far more robust than a tank constructed from plastic.

As well as a pressure gauge, so that you can see the pressure within the tank, this tank can be connected to & filled from a compressor meaning that you can have a constantly pressurised sprayer. To connect to your compressor you will need to use either:

Another bonus with a 6bar sprayer is that if it is used together with our CONSTANT FLOW VALVES you will have a much longer spray time before having to stop work and pressurise the tank. We have a range of 3 Constant Flow Valves which limit the spraying pressure to 1, 1.5 or 2bar. With a potential maximum of 6bar within the tank you can see how your spray time can be increased when the exit pressure is restricted.