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Inox Dual Sprayer

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Stainless steel tank with separate filling opening, 6 bar maximum pressure and a choice of two tank sizes. Mesto


Product Code: 1544
£202.00 ex.VAT
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Our Inox Dual sprayers are constructed from high quality stainless steel and have the added benefit of a separate large filling opening meaning that you no longer have to remove the compression shaft and handle in order to fill, empty or clean the tank. Mesto 3598P and 3618P

A choice of two tank sizes (6-litre or 10-litre maximum fill), 6bar maximum working pressure and heavy duty click lock lid make these Dual sprayers a very good choice for all types of spraying within all types environment and for all types of users. Industrial users, contractors and home owners can all benefit from the strong tank construction, high maximum working pressure and comprehensive choice spares and accessories.

As with many of our sprayers, the Dual range benefits from a large footprint and low centre of gravity meaning that it is very stable when placed on the ground. This is very handy as it means that you don't always have to carry the sprayer when using it, you can leave it on the ground and make the most of the 2.5-metre recoil hose which will allow you to walk away from the sprayer and continue spraying, which is something that many of our customers find very useful. In addition to this, you can buy either of these sprayers with an additional 5-metre hose which opens up a whole new way of spraying. Imagine if you have a large wall to spray or numerous items spread over an area, well now you don't have to carry the sprayer you can position it on the ground and walk to the items taking on your spray lance.

If you don't need to actually spray at 6bar then the tank gauge will allow you to work at he exact pressure you require or you can use one of our Constant Flow Valves which, when attached, will allow you spray at either 1bar, 1.5-bar or 2bar. The real benefit of these is not the fact that you will have an exact spraying pressure (although this is very useful) but that you can pressurise the tank to 6bar but with a reduced exit pressure your spray time will be greatly increased.

The Dual range can also be connected to a compressor which will keep the sprayer tank constantly pressurised meaning less downtime. To use these sprayers with a compressor you will need either part 0746 or 1636.