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Procart M2

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£24.66 - £46.15 (ex.VAT)


Spray booth filter with extra high efficiency filtration and smooth extraction airflow pattern


Product Code: 1498
£24.66 ex.VAT
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Product Description

PROCART M2 is a cardboard spray booth filter that can be used with all types of wet paint and can also handle powder paints. It is fitted with a secondary filtration layer that is designed to not disrupt the flow of the booth air as it is extracted.

As with all the spray booth filters within our PROCART range, the Procart M2 has been designed to give the best air filtration for the air within your spray booth. When using the filter, you can be assured that the correct filtration is taking place leaving you to concentrate on your painting.

Designed to be used with all types of water-based and solvent-based paint, our Procart M2 can give you complete filtration flexibility, so that you need only use one filter, even if you spray different types of paint including some powder paint.

The primary concertina cardboard layers will maximise airflow even when the filter is full due to its accordion design. The secondary ‘M2’ filtration layer, adhered with water-based glues, works in a very similar way to our Procart H filter so that any paint particles that bypass the initial primary cardboard filter will be caught thus not reaching the booth fan. The higher quality fibre of our Procart M2 will maintain a smooth and constant airflow and will last longer than alternative filters. This means that the Procart M2 will not require changing as often as many other filter types especially fibreglass rolls.

If you are not sure how to remove & replace your spray booth filters then watch our Procart Filter Replacement Tutorial.

Whilst the Procart M2 does come in standard sizes, it can also be cut to suit your requirements.