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Moss on wall

Baticlean ECR

Product information

£12.50 (ex.VAT)


Clean all types of hard surface including patios, driveways, car parks and tennis courts.

Baticlean ECR - 1 litre
Product Code: 3010
£12.50 ex.VAT
£15.00 inc.VAT

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Additional details

  • pH neutral
  • Concentrated so very economical

Product Summary

Baticlean ECR will eliminate all types of unwanted greening from most types of external surface. As part of our ECO-Responsibility range, Baticlean ECR does not contain any chlorinated substances or alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride which you will find in many types of cleaning products for external surfaces. Very high coverage rate of around 100m2 per litre.

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Moss on patio

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