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Kale 9 Sprayer

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£33.99 (ex.VAT)


3 BAR maximum pressure, 6 litre working capacity and a pressure regulator.

Kale 9 Compression Sprayer
Product Code: 0482
£33.99 ex.VAT
£40.79 inc.VAT

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Product Description

Our range of Kale compression sprayers has been developed to be used in a wide range of areas around the home & garden.

The high manufacturing standards, special designs and unique pressure regulator make the Kale sprayers one of the very best on the market for the home & garden user. This sprayer also comes with a PRESSURE REGULATOR which has proved to be a great success with our customers. Treatments can now be far more effective as the combination of the correct nozzle and the appropriate pressure allows for the correct amount of product to be used. This saves time, reduces water consumption and less effort is required as pressure pumping is only required when the spraying is cut-off. The pressure can be set at either 1.5bar (normally recommended for herbicides) or up to 3 bar (normally recommended for insecticides/fungicides).

In addition to all of this our sprayer comes with a three year guarantee.