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Foaming pads 1

Foaming Fleece Pads

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£4.50 (ex.VAT)


Modify foam consistency. For use with all of our foaming sprayers.

Foaming Fleece Pads
Product Code: 9968
£4.50 ex.VAT
£5.40 inc.VAT

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Product Description

These fleece pads allow you to modify the consistency of the foam that is sprayed from any of our Mesto foaming sprayers.

As you use a range of different foaming solutions, within your sprayer, you will see that many of them foam in a slightly different way. Some will have a thick foam and some will have a thin foam and others will be somewhere in the middle. By adding or removing pads from the sprayer gun you can alter the final flow of the solution, changing the way it will foam and adhere to the surface you are treating.

Each pack contains 4 pads.