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£125.00 (ex.VAT)


Steel tank with 6 BAR maximum spraying pressure and NBR seals making this sprayer ideal for neutral & mild chemical solutions.

Mesto Metal Compression Sprayer - 5 litre
Product Code: 0028
£125.00 ex.VAT
£150.00 inc.VAT

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High quality steel compression sprayer that that gives a maximum working pressure of 6bar allowing you to spray liquids with a higher viscosity (thicker) than standard 3 bar sprayers.

The polyester coated steel tank can be used with liquids of much higher temperature than plastic tanks. This model can be used with liquids up to 50oC and is far more robust than a tank constructed from plastic.

As well as a pressure gauge, so that you can see the pressure within the tank, this sprayer can be connected to & filled by a compressor meaning that you can have a constantly pressurised sprayer. To connect to a compressor you will need to use either: