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Electric Sprayer - Easy+

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£59.00 (ex.VAT)


Battery powered sprayer with 5 litre capacity, ideal for many uses around the home & garden.

Single Unit
Product Code: 0015
£59.00 ex.VAT
£70.80 inc.VAT

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Product Description

This rechargeable, battery powered compression sprayer gives a constant spray with just the press of a button. This makes the spraying of large areas such as tennis courts, driveways, car parks, lawns and trees much easier and quicker.

As you can see, our Easy+ Sprayer is supplied with everything that you need to start & complete your spraying task. This sprayer is generally not recommended for our 3.2m and 5.4m extension lances due to the pressure required of over 2 bar - this sprayer reaches 1.8 bar.

The following information will illustrate just how easy the Easy+ Sprayer is to set up and maintain:

Setting Up & Spraying

  • Fully charge the batteries (8 hours). Do not use the sprayer during the charging & NEVER charge whilst in the 'on' position.
  • Connect the spray hose to the spray handle and the lower part of the holding tank. Assemble the shoulder strap and check that all fixings are suitably tight to avoid possible leaks when tank is pressurised.
  • Fill tank to its maximum capacity (5 litres).
  • Screw the pressurising chamber tightly into position and turn on.
  • To start spraying press the lances handle and adjust the nozzle to obtain the desired spray.


  • Switch off the sprayer.
  • After use ensure the unit is depressurised.
  • Empty contents of the sprayer tank and clean with water. Also clean hose & nozzles.
  • To prolong the lifespan of moving parts it is good to regularly apply some drops of oil or grease to all of the moving parts.
  • Store your Easy+ indoors where it is protected from frost and extreme heat.
  • If your sprayer has been unused for 2 months then recharge the batteries. If your sprayer has been unused for a long period then remove the batteries.