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Dust Sprayer 1

Dust and Powder Sprayer - Polmax 9

Product information

£85.00 (ex.VAT)


This 9 litre powder bellows duster is ideal for pest control and many other powder & dust applications

Single Unit
Product Code: 0346
£85.00 ex.VAT
£102.00 inc.VAT

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Product Description

This powder dust sprayer has a 9-litre working capacity within a 10-litre tank and operates on a bellows system which allows for a powerful and manageable discharge.

The Polmax backpack can be used with most types of powder including pest control, farming applications and construction work.

  • 9-litre working capacity
  • Flexible hose
  • Rigid lance with extension
  • Fan shaped discharge mouth
  • Back straps factory fitted
  • Full instruction booklet
  • Tank lid unclips for easy filling