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Double Spray Nozzle

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£4.95 (ex.VAT)


Double adjustable spray nozzle to increase the size of your spray pattern

Double Spray Nozzle
Product Code: 0808
£4.95 ex.VAT
£5.94 inc.VAT

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Product Description

This double spray nozzle head gives you two adjustable nozzles which will allow you to increase the area that you spray with each pass. The nozzles are set at different angles which also improves the coverage and helps to reduce the chances of over saturating an area. Both nozzles are adjustable so you can vary the spray pattern.

This nozzle can be used with our Goizper sprayers and, if combined with our 500mm Sprayer Extension can be used with both our 5.4 metre Telescopic Lance and 3.2 metre Telescopic Lance will not only increase your rate of spraying but also increases the length of the lances by 500mm.