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Foaming Spray 1.5 - Alkaline

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£20.00 (ex.VAT)


Versatile hand pressure sprayer with EPDM seals - specially designed for alkaline chemical use

Hand Pressure Sprayers - Foaming - Alkaline - 1.5 litre
Product Code: 0006
£20.00 ex.VAT
£24.00 inc.VAT

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Cleaner Range

Chemical resistant hand pressure compression sprayers with plastic tank and an optional foaming nozzle for different applications - EPDM seals are suitable for neutral solutions and alkaline solutions such as cleaners for longer durability; FPM Viton seals are suitablke for neutral and acidic solutions.

Filling contents: 1.5 litres

Pump: PP

Weight when empty: 0.43 kg

Seals: EPDM (neutral/alkaline) or FPM (neutral/acid)

Nozzle: Plastic adjustable

Special features of the product:
• Safety valve prevents pressure overload
• Plastic jacket wand to protect the non-return valve and improve chemical resistance
• Application: pH 7 - 14 (EPDM) 1 - 9 (FPM)

Accessories available:

• Foam Nozzle for Trigger Sprayer