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Cleaner alkaline 10

Alkaline Cleaner Sprayer Range

Product information

£23.50 - £93.00 (ex.VAT)


Professional quality compression sprayer with EPDM seals for alkaline, neutral & some acidic chemical solutions

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Product Code: 0030
£23.50 ex.VAT
£28.20 inc.VAT

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Product Summary

These compression sprayers have 3 bar maximum pressure and are specifically designed for the application of a wide range of chemical products and are commonly used by cleaning professionals for an extensive range of applications. The specialist EPDM seals and internal parts are designed to withstand most chemical solutions with a pH range between 7-14 although we do recommend, for very aggressive chemicals, that you check the sprayer compatibility either on the Resistance Guide below or by calling us and we can check the compatibility for you.

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