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Chafer grub 600x

Chafer Grub Killer Nematodes

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Our Chafer Grub Killer Nematodes contain the nematode; Heterohabditis bacteriophora. These nematodes will enter the Chafer Grub via a natural opening, like the mouth and kill the pest. A natural pest solution.

Chafer Grub Killer nematodes are a seasonal live pest control. We strongly recommend applying these to your infestation between the month of July. Outside of this time the treatment is little to not effective due to the cold weather killing off the live creature.


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£13.39 ex.VAT
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Chafer Grub Killer nematodes, a natural bacterium is produced by the nematodes and is consumed by the Chafer Grubs. Infected grubs will often change colour and will eventually be completely broken down by the nematodes.

PLEASE NOTE - As these are live creatures, they are bred in batches to be as fresh as possible and so your nematodes will be prepared to order and despatched in approx 5 working days depending on demand.

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