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Group 10
Degreasing alloys


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£30.00 (ex.VAT)


PRONET TS 115 is an alkaline liquid solution strongly reinforced with pickling and degreasing agents which allows, at low working concentrations, the degreasing of steel, electro-galvanized surfaces, galvanized, stainless steel, titanium, magnesium and alloy parts. Ideal for degreasing between manufacturing stages or prior to welding.

Product Code: 2640
£30.00 ex.VAT
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Product Description

ALUPRET is an effective product for degreasing and etching light alloy surfaces, ferrous and galvanised metals to ensure a clean surface and good paint adhesion. Diluted in water and used at a range of temperatures, using Alupret allows you to adapt treatment to suit your manufacturing process.

  • Appearance : Liquid
  • Concentration : 40 to 50 % in water
  • Contact time : 20 to 60 minutes according to temperature
  • Use : spray - brush - soak
  • Finish : rinse after treatment