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Super extreme alkaline chemical sprayer 1

Super Extreme - Alkaline

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£329.00 (ex.VAT)


High quality alkaline stainless steel compression sprayer with a recommended pH range between 7-14

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Single Unit
Product Code: 0022
£329.00 ex.VAT
£394.80 inc.VAT

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Product Description

This Super Extreme compression sprayer is the highest quality unit within our range for spraying strong alkalines. Mesto 3615SE is a sprayer that, in our opinion, is second to none. It combines the strength of a metal tank with the chemical resistance of a plastic tank giving an acceptable pH range between 7-14.

This compression sprayer is the next level up from our Cleaner Compression Sprayer - Alkaline which has a fully plastic tank therefore can only be operated to a maximum pressure of 3 bar. The tank of the Super Extreme is constructed from stainless steel but has a plastic inner lining which allows the high chemical resistance. It can be operated at 6-bar and can handle liquids up to 50oC and is obviously more robust than a plastic tank. In addition to all of this, the Super Extreme is fitted with a valve which allows it to be connected to an air compressor.