Agronet Foaming Disinfectant Detergent

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Agronet is a foaming alkaline disinfectant detergent cleaner. Suitable for the food industry as well as cleaning of farm buildings.


Product Code: 2021
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Agronet Foaming Disinfectant Detergent

Product Specification

Disinfectant authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Ecology under the number 2080036

At 1% bactericidal effect: for animal transport equipment, storage equipment, livestock feed transport equipment, Product of Plant Origin (POV), Product of Animal Origin (POA), TP4 EN 1276 – 5 MIN – 20 ° C, in dirty conditions (3 g / L of Bovine Albumin)

At 3.0% bactericidal effect: for premises for the storage and processing of livestock food (walls and floors), material for the processing of Plant Origin Products (POV), Animal Origin Products (POA), TP4 EN 1276 – 5 MIN – 20 ° C, in dirt conditions (10g / L of Bovine Albumin)

Fungicidal effect at 6.0%: for animal food storage and processing equipment, Plant Origin (POV), Plant Origin (POA) ), TP4 EN 1650 –15 MIN – 20 ° C, in dirty conditions (3 g / L of Bovine Albumin )

Biocide Regulation 528/2012 EU – Other biocidal uses, types of products

- Disinfectants used for domestic use and in the field of public health

- Disinfectants for surfaces in contact with food and animal feed

Industry Type


Food Industry eg food processing

Low or high pressure spray, foam gun

Councils, kitchens, power stations

Spray, foam gun, dosing station