R135 Screen Wash - 5 litres

Concentrated screen wash giving protection in both summer & winter

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Each £13·15 exc VAT
Total £13·15 exc VAT

  • Highly concentrated cleaner
  • Use in both summer and winter
  • Helps to prevent re-freezing of windscreen during cold weather
  • Very effective at removing road film and grime from your windscreen
  • Clears insects and dirt
  • Helps to keep sprayer jets clean and clear of blockages
  • R135 will leave no visible residue upon your screen

R135 can be used at a number of concentrations from neat in the coldest winter months when it will give protection down to -20oC to 10% (1 part R135 : 9 parts water) in the warmer summer months.

Can you explain the dilution rates?

Neat is just that, you don't dilute the product at all. 20% dilution means that you would add 2 litres of product to 8 litres of water and 10% would be 1 litre of R135 to 9 litres of water.