Unblocker - drains, gutters - liquid 1 litre

Unblock and clean downpipes, drains and gutters - liquid formulation

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Debouchnet attacks and breaks down all organic matter such as hair, leaves, grease, soap, limescale, paper etc without attacking enamel and pipe materials such as plastic.


The amount to add depends upon the size of pipe or opening that is being treated. For a standard size sink, pour approximately 25ml slowly into the pipe opening. Leave to act for a minimum of 30-minutes (or overnight in very difficult cases) before rinsing thoroughly. If there is standing water then add approxiamtely 500ml.

Do not mix with any other chemical solution.

Debouchnet contains caustic soda - we strongly recommend that you wear protective clothing for hands, eyes and face. Keep away from children. Remove soiled clothing immediately.

How much un-blocker should I add to my drain?

It is very hard to give an exact amount to add as it depends upon the type and size of the blockage. We recommend adding Debouchnet slowly to a blockage rather than pouring huge amounts very quickly. The most important thing to remember is that the liquid wants to be in contact with the blockage so that they can start to break down the organic matter and dissolve the grease or soap build-up. Therefore we suggest adding a small amount then topping up if necessary. However, if the blockage has resulted in water that is unable to drain then you will need to add a larger amount of liquid as it will dissolve in the water and this will then start to break down the organic matter.

Can I use this to unblock my guttering?

Yes. Your guttering will probably be blocked with a mixture of leaves and moss plus a few other things. Before you do anything with the blockage, you should clean the guttering by removing as much loose debris as possible. The blockage will, most likely, be somewhere in the downpipe so all you need to do is pour the un-blocker into the downpipe and let it do its job.

When should I use the granules or liquid un-blocker?

Both of our Debouchnet products will unblock drains by dissolving the organic matter but which one you use depends upon the type of blockage. If your pipe is totally blocked, meaning that water will not run through, then you can use either the liquid or the granular formulation. Both will mix into the stagnant water and will attack the blockage. If water can bypass the blockage but the flow is very slow then the granules may be the better option. Allow the water to drain (or when the last of the water is draining) add the granules. These will then sit on the blockage and start to dissolve it. We suggest that after 5-10 minutes a very small amount of water is added to the blockage to ensure that the granules continue to break-down.