Steel Compression Sprayer

6 bar maximum working pressure, 1.2 metre hose length & tank pressure gauge.

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Each £110·00 exc VAT
Total £110·00 exc VAT
Total £132·00 inc VAT
  • Tank capacity - 9-litres
  • Tank working capacity - 5-litre
  • Tank Ullage - 4-litres
  • Maximum Working pressure - 6 bar
  • Unit weight - 4.8 kg
  • Tank construction - steel
  • Carried by a shoulder strap
  • pH range - 4-7
  • Nozzle supplied - flat jet nozzle 80o spray angle (we offer a full range of nozzles and inserts)
  • Lance - brass 500mm
  • Hose - 1.2-metre with safety interlock to tank
  • Pump - 38mm brass
  • Seals - FPM - Synthetic rubber with high elasticity properties which makes it a very good product for the protection of seals and O-rings. FPM seals are are highly resistant to hydrocarbons, oils, strong acids, aromatic and chlorinated solvents and has a high temperature resistance.

What does Tank Ullage mean?

Ullage is the name given to the difference between the maximum fill capacity and the total tank capacity. Tank Ullage is a very important factor when selecting a sprayer but is largely ignored. The larger the ullage, the more space there is for compressed air. The more compressed air you have then the longer the spraying time before you run out of pressure which means a longer spray time before you have to stop and pump the tank. This sprayer has a large ullage of 4-litres which is very good for a sprayer with this size of tank.

Can this sprayer be used with your long telescopic lances?

Yes, this metal compression sprayer can be used with both our 5.4-metre and 3.2-metre telescopic lances. You will need either our connection hose or in-line connector to join the sprayer to either of the telescopic lances.