Q-Net 150

Professional quality, concentrated liquid surface cleaner

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Each £24·25 exc VAT
Total £24·25 exc VAT

Q-Net 150 is an odourless synthetic product for the deep cleaning of surfaces including those in contact with foodstuffs. It quickly destroys micro-organisms such as Streptococcus & E-coli.

Q-net 150 can be used within industrial, medical, food preparation areas as well as the home environment for the deep cleaning and disinfection of walls, floors, washbasins, rubbish bins etc. The powerful degreasing effects of Q-net 150 are also of great benefit within kitchen areas.

The bactericidal and fungicidal powers increase rapidly with the rise in temperature. The fungicidal and algicidal power doubles when temperature reaches 20-35oC, we therefore recommend using, if possible, with warm water.

  • Agricultrial / Food Processing - 2-3% in water
  • Floors etc - 2% in water
  • Terracing, tiles or wood - 5-10% in water

Q-Net 150 can be applied with a sprayer (please see our range of Compression Sprayers) or wiped with a cloth.