Plastic Telescopic Lance 52-90cm

This telescopic extendable lance is designed to fit sprayers within our Mesto range

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Each £11·00 exc VAT
Total £11·00 exc VAT

This plastic telescopic lance can be extended to 900mm from its 520mm starting point. It is supplied with a brass 1.1mm hollow cone nozzle and NBR seals. The lance is designed to fit most of the sprayers within our Mesto range.

  • Material - Plastic
  • Nozzle - 1.1mm Hollow Cone (spare ones can be bought seperately HERE)
  • Code - 3654AK
  • Length - 52 - 90cm
  • Connection - Plastic thread

Can I use this lance to spray any liquid?

As the lance is supplied with a brass nozzle and NBR seals we would recommend that only non corrosive products are passed through it. If you spray corrosive products then, slowly, the brass and nozzles will start to degrade. We do have a range of lances and nozzles that are able to handle corrosive products that may be more suited to your requirements.

How do I know if this lance will fit my sprayer?

If you are uncertain if this lance will fit an existing sprayer then just ask us. We are here to answer your questions.