Nematode For Leatherjacket

This special two pack formula includes 50 million live nematodes and a separate wetting compound that improves the water holding capacity of the soil/growing media allowing the nematodes work better and for longer. Protect lawns and grassed areas from leatherjackets damage, ultimately improving your plant growth.

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Our Nematode for Leatherjacket can not only be used for the control of the crane fly larvae but also cutworms (moth larvae). This two packet treatment has many benefits when compared to other methods.

Safely control larvae in lawns, flower beds and vegetable plots with this nematode which is firstly mixed with water then watered into the turf or soil. The nematodes enter the bodies of the leatherjacket larvae and infect them.

Adult crane flies or daddy longlegs lay their eggs in the turf or soil surface from August to October. The eggs hatch a few weeks after they have been laid and the young leatherjackets begin feeding on plant roots. In cold winters, they overwinter as small larvae and do not grow large enough to cause significant damage until mid-summer. Mild winters allow the young larvae to continue feeding and they can be large enough to cause lawn problems by late winter.

As a preventive measure, apply nematodes in September to early October against leatherjackets. Nematodes should be applied as soon as possible after purchase, following the suppliers’ instructions for use. It may be necessary to water the lawn before and after application to ensure the soil is sufficiently moist for nematode activity and survival.

This pack is for a coverage of up to 100m2.

The population of leatherjackets, mole crickets, cutworms and a variety of other soil living pests is naturally controlled by nematodes. By applying our Nematode for Leatherjacket you are simply increasing the existing population.

Once received, the packets should be stored in a fridge, between at 5 -10°C. They should not be exposed to freezing temperatures or above 30°C. Use before the expiry date.

After application, the soil surface should be kept moist for approximately two weeks. It is important to understand that nematodes are living creatures and require a good environment in order to thrive.

  • Add the pack of nematodes and the TRANSFORMER together in a bucket with 5-10 litres of water to make a concentrated solution according to the table below.
  • After emptying, rinse the pack as the nematodes often cling to the packaging.
  • Stir the concentrated solution until all lumps are dissolved. Repeat stirring every 15 minutes to prevent the nematodes settling at the bottom of the bucket.
  • Take 1 litre of your concentrated solution and add it to a watering can and top up with either 4 or 9 litres (dependent on nematode pack size) of clean water.
  • Apply the nematode solution immediately with a watering can.
  • Following application, for best results, apply additional water to wash the solution into the soil.

  • Apply during early morning or late evening thus avoiding application in bright sunlight.
  • Apply when you expect the soil or growing media temperature to be over 12°C for at least 3 – 6 hours per day.
  • The entire two pack mixture should be used together.
  • All filters should be removed to avoid blockages.
  • Avoid excessive irrigation just after treatment.