Nematode For Chafer Grubs

This special two pack formula includes 50 million live nematodes and a separate wetting compound that improves the water holding capacity of the soil/growing media allowing the nematodes work better and for longer. Protect up to 100 square metres of lawn and grassed areas.

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Total £25·15 exc VAT

Our Nematode For Chafer Grubs contains a naturally occurring nematode for the control of many types of chafer including the Garden chafer and May beetle. The pack contains two sachets, one containing the nematodes and the second a spreader to give better performance. This product is safe to use and gives kill rates between 90% - 100% which makes it a most effective and flexible product.

The unique two pack formula of our Nematode For Chafer Grubs ensures the maximum spread of nematodes when applied with the spreader which greatly improves the water holding capacity of the soil allowing the nematodes work better and for longer.

It must be remembered that nematodes are living within healthy soil. When you add our Nematode For Chafer Grubs to your grassed area you are increasing in the number of nematodes meaning that more chafer grubs can be dealt with.

  • Nematode For Chafer Grubs should be used as soon as possible after delivery
  • Nematode For Chafer Grubs should be stored in a refrigerator until used (5-10oC)
  • Apply during early morning or late evening. Avoid application in bright sunlight.
  • Apply when you expect the soil or growing media temperature to be over 12°C for at least 3 – 6 hours per day.
  • The entire two pack mixture should be used together.
  • All filters should be removed to avoid blockages.
  • Avoid excessive irrigation just after treatment.
  • Treatment should be applied between April and October.


  • Add the two packs to 10-litres of water to make a concentrated solution.
  • After emptying, rinse the pack as the nematodes often cling to the packaging.
  • Stir the concentrated solution until all lumps are dissolved. Repeat stirring every 15 minutes to prevent the nematodes settling at the bottom of the bucket.
  • Take 1-litre of your concentrated solution and add it to a watering can and top up with 9-litres of clean water.
  • Apply the nematode solution immediately with a watering can.
  • This 10-litres will cover 10m2 of your grassed area.
  • Following application apply additional water to wash the solution into the soil for best results.