Baticlean CR

Concentrated moss killer - no rinsing. Kill moss, algae, lichen & mould on all hard surfaces including roofs, walls & patios. See results in as little as 24-hours.

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Killing moss, preventing moss growth and keeping surfaces clear of moss growth is easy with Baticlean CR. It is pH neutral and can be applied to all hard surfaces, such as roofs, patios, driveways and walls. Rinsing is not required, this allows the fungicide action to continue to kill moss and help inhibit re-growth.

Baticlean CR is the ideal moss killer for all types of hard surfaces such as roofs (including thatched) tennis courts, paths, timber & tarmac. How do you kill moss on a roof? Simply apply Baticlean CR to a dry surface and let it work. We have a lot of advice on our CLEANING ADVICE pages (see below) such as How to Kill Moss on a Tennis Court, How to Clean my Roof and many more.

The average dilution rate is 1 part Baticlean CR with up to 4 parts water - each litre you purchase will cover 30 - 50m2. It is therefore ideal for cleaning large areas such as tennis courts, patios and driveways and will treat tarmac, stone, tiles, slabs, concrete, wood, artificial sports surfaces and lawns etc. For the removal of lichen we recommend using Rapid Moss & Algae Killer - Batiface. Given the nature of many types of lichen, Baticlean CR will kill the growth however as it is so close to the surface and has a very good hold, even whilst dead, it can still be quite hard to remove it from the surface. Batiface, however, kills on contact and softens the growth, whilst the rinsing required after treatment helps to remove the remaining growth. We would then advise the use of Baticlean CR to prevent regrowth.

For more advice and help with killing moss on all different types of surface please see our CLEANING ADVICE pages. However please feel free to CONTACT US if you have any questions.

Please use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Baticlean CR is a systemic moss killer, that means that the plant absorbs the product and is poisoned. If your moss is full of water then it is unlikely to absorb as much Baticlean CR as it would when the plant is dry. For this reason, we recommend to apply on a dry day and when the surface is dry.

We also recommend not applying when the temperature is lower than 5oC and when it is above 30oC. When you are applying on a warm day please remember that the ground temperature is very likely to be higher than the air temperature. If the air temperature is 24oC then it is quite likely, that after a few hours of direct sunshine, the ground temperature will be much higher, probably over 30oC.

As the temperature rises, moss becomes dormant. This means that it isn't going to absorb all of the Baticlean CR. Having said this, if it is a warm day and the surface is shaded then the ground temperature isn't going to be much higher, if at all, then the air temperature. It is for this reason that we say to use your common sense when planning your application.

We also recommend that when using in the summer to apply in the morning or evening so as to miss the hottest hours of the day and our temperatures are to be used as a guide only.

"I am delighted with Baticlean CR. Of course I'm just a householder so hardly a customer of note. Moss on tarmac is persistent problem but your product is the best I've ever used - and it's odourless which is a bonus." Mr Bardell, Essex

"Used the moss killer on my artificial grass and it seems to have worked so far! Happy with product and easy to navigate website." Maxine Hall via Facebook

"Fantastic stuff painted our green mossy fence with their moss killer next day it was gone good quality does exactly what it says it does." Sue Simpson via Facebook

"I would like to thank you for the excellent service I received from your company, the product, Baticlean (Batimoss) is fantastic. I will certainly recommend SPCB and your products to my friends." John Ledgard, Gloucestershire

"Baticlean is brilliant. It worked really well on our block paving and it was a long time before we had to think about using it again. I was amazed. Before, I had to get down on my hands and knees to scrape it out but not now." Mrs Ganderton, Lancashire

"Baticlean CR was fantastic to clean the roof of my Jaguar car. I lent some to the manager of our local golf club for the roof and never got it back as it was so good so need to get some more now!" Mr Smith, Essex

"Our front garden is on a slope and is difficult to mow so we have artificial turf which can get a lot of moss that is difficult to get out. I was very pleased with Baticlean CR when I used it 2 years ago as the moss came out really easily by hand or a bit of raking. The important issues for me were that the product did not stain like other products and also did not need rinsing. It only took a litre of Baticlean CR and it solved my problem so that I can maintain the turf at little cost." Mrs Lennon, West Midlands

"I am glad that I found you again as I haven't had to use Batimoss/Baticlean for over 2 years. I used it on the fence and it worked exactly as in the picture on your website as well as on a metal gate and it leaves a beautiful finish. At first you think it is not doing anything and then suddenly all of the greening is gone and it lasts. I am going to use it on my tarmac drive now." Mr Dann, West Midlands

Why do I have to brush the surface before I apply Baticlean CR?

You don't have to brush a surface prior to applying Baticlean CR but there are advantages to brushing a surface and trying to remove moss before you apply our moss killer. If nothing else, removing some of the moss growth will save you money as you will reduce the amount of moss killer that you will need to use. If you have heavy growth, then trying to remove some may well mean that you can kill everything with one application as very heavy growth may require a second application.

What is the best way to apply Baticlean CR?

Baticlean CR can be applied in a number of ways however we recommend using a sprayer as this will give you the optimum coverage at the ideal concentration. We have a full range of sprayers and lances including telescopic lances that will enable you to spray at height which is especially useful when applying moss killer to a roof. You can browse our extensive range of sprayers and accessories by following the link.

What is the coverage rate of Baticlean CR?

The coverage rate really depends upon the thickness of growth you are treating; the heavier the growth then the lower the rate of coverage per litre and vice versa. It is for this reason that we suggest, if you are able, to remove the heaviest growth prior to treatment. As an average we state that 1-litre of Baticlean CR will cover 30m2. If you are treating heavy or damp growth, then the coverage may be reduced however if the growth is very light or you are treating 'greening' or you have managed to remove the majority of growth then the coverage rate will be much higher. I recently spoke with a customer who called us to say that he had treated around 300m2 of moss coverage with just 5-litres and that the Baticlean CR had done the required job nicely. This was a coverage rate of around 60m2 per litre.

Can I use Baticlean CR on my thatched roof?

As Baticlean CR is pH neutral, it can be used on all types of thatched roof covering and will kill moss growth but also can be used to stop moss growing. We recommend applying between the months of April - October as outside of these months the weather, generally, does not allow the thatch to dry and Baticlean is most effective when applied to a dry surface during dry weather.