Mesto Reducer - Female/Male

Brass reducer - 18mm female to 11mm male thread.

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Each £3·00 exc VAT
Total £3·00 exc VAT

This reducer takes an 18mm male thread down to an 11mm male thread. Made from brass, this reducer brings many alternatives when it comes to the accessories that you can use with your sprayer. Not only is this a standard reducer with Mesto sprayers enabling the use of all of the Mesto metal lances, extensions and spray wands but it also enables the use of these with our Goziper range of sprayers.

  • Spray pattern - n/a
  • Usage - for the connection of lances and nozzles
  • Code - 1397
  • Material - Brass
  • Optimum spray pressure - n/a
  • Maximum flow rate - n/a
  • Spray angle - n/a