Sprayer Extension Cleaner Range - 45cm

Plastic extension wand measuring 450mm for, amongst others, our Cleaner range of sprayers.

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Each £6·99 exc VAT
Total £6·99 exc VAT
Total £8·39 inc VAT

Plastic sprayer wand extension specifically for our Mesto Cleaner range of compression sprayers although it can be used with all of the Mesto sprayers within our range. This extension measurers 45cm which, when added to the wand supplied with your Cleaner sprayer, will give a wand length of 95cm.

This wand has FPM seals.

Why is this lance for your Cleaner sprayers?

This lance will fit all the sprayers within our Mesto range however the materials of construction and the FPM seals mean that it has a very high chemical resistance. It is this chemical resistance that means it suits our Cleaner range of sprayers which are designed to spray corrosive chemical solutions. If you are using a different sprayer and are spraying non-corrosive and possibly pH neutral products, then we have many other lances that may suit your requirements better.