Ferrox Plus Compression Sprayer - 6 litre

Polyester coated steel tank with 6 BAR spraying pressure. FPM seals mean that this sprayer is ideal for mild acid, neutral & mild alkaline chemical solutions.

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Each £130·00 exc VAT
Total £130·00 exc VAT

This 6-litre compression sprayer has a steel tank which has an anti-corrosive internal and external coating. The steel tank is especially strong and robust meaning that it can handle some heavy usage and withstand the knocks that a sprayer can be subjected to. The construction material also allows for internal pressurisation of up to 6 bar which allows for the spraying of liquids that are thicker than usual and withstand internal temperatures up to 50oC.

  • Tank - Steel with anti-corrosive polyester coating
  • Maximum operating pressure - 6 bar
  • Carried at side
  • Nozzle - Brass flat jet 80 with fine filter
  • Pump - Brass piston
  • Lance - Brass 500mm
  • Weight - 4.8kg
  • Tank operating capacity - 6 litres
  • Tank volume - 9 litres
  • Hose - 2.5m recoil hose with safety lock
  • Seals FPM - Synthetic rubber with high elasticity properties which makes it a very good product for the protection of seals and O-rings. FPM seals are are highly resistant to hydrocarbons, oils, strong acids, aromatic and chlorinated solvents and has a high temperature resistance.

Why should I have a metal sprayer as they cost more than your plastic ones?

There are two main advantages that a metal spraying tank has over a sprayer with a plastic tank; firstly, our metal sprayers can be operated at a working pressure of 6 bar as opposed to 3 bar with the plastic tanks and secondly the metal tanks are stronger so can withstand more impacts and, generally, heavier usage. These points are applicable to both the sprayers with a coated steel or stainless-steel tank.

Should I have a steel or stainless steel tank?

As both tanks are robust and can be pressurised to 6 bar the final choice depends upon what you are planning to use the sprayer for. General pH neutral chemicals (biocides, fungicides, basic cleaning products) can be used within both types of tank as can hot liquids and those with a higher viscosity (thicker). Steel tanks should not be used with aggressive liquids and with FPM seals neither should be used with chemicals outside of a pH range of 5-9. If you want the benefits of a stainless-steel tank and want to be able to spray aggressive chemicals then we have our Super Extreme Sprayer - Alkaline for pH 7-14 or Super Extreme Sprayer - Acid for the chemicals with a pH of 1-9.