Hand Sprayer - Foaming / Alkaline

Versatile pressure sprayer, 1.5-litre tank designed for use with foaming neutral & alkaline chemicals

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This 1.5-litre 'hand' compression foaming sprayer has EPDM seals meaning that it is resistant to alkaline foaming chemical solutions. Depending upon the type of chemical being used, this sprayer will generate a dry, long adherent foam over a wide area. Normally used for cleaning chemicals, this sprayer is robust and will hold its pressure for quite a long time due to the large tank reservoir.

  • Tank - Plastic
  • Maximum operating pressure - 3 bar
  • Pump - Plastic 31mm piston
  • Weight - 500g
  • Tank operating capacity - 1.5 litres
  • Nozzle - Flat jet POM
  • Tank volume - 2 litres
  • Seals EPDM (Ethylen-Propylen-Dien-rubber which is a terpolymer rubber) It is resistant to solvents and is mainly resistant to base products (alkalines). Generally, EPDM does not have a high resistance to polycarbon based oils and to fuels.

Can I put any cleaning chemical in this sprayer? You can put any liquid in this sprayer as long as it isn't a high acid for which you should use our Acid Hand Sprayer-1.5 litre however the sprayer will only produce foam if the cleaning liquid is foaming. The foaming sprayers work by mixing the cleaning liquid with air in or around the nozzle so if, for example, you filled the sprayer with water then the sprayer would not produce foam.