Jewel Lawn Moss and Weedkiller 1.5kg

Attack weeds and moss in one application, both on contact and down to the roots.

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Attack weeds and moss in one application.

Jewel contains two potent herbicides (Mecropop-p and Carfentrazone) giving complete eradication of weeds right to the roots as well as giving the unique benefit of a quick post-emergent (killing on contact) action on both weeds and moss. Jewel can be used on all grass species and is best used from spring through to autumn when weeds and turf are actively growing.

Each 1.5kg pack covers 1 hectare or 10,000m2. Each 50ml capful covers 200m2 (applied in approx 10.4 litres of water)

Dissolve and apply by watering can or sprayer.

Key points:

  • Dual purpose: controls weeds and moss
  • Dual action: contact and systemic
  • Dual actives: carfentrazone and mecoprop-p
  • Complete eradication, down to the root
  • Suitable for any type of turf grass
  • Can be used on new turf from the 3 leaf stage

MAPP: 14327 Contains: 1.5% w/w carfentrazone-ethyl, 60% w/w mecoprop-P

Formulation: Water Soluble Granule

Application Rate: 1.5 kg/ha

Pack Coverage: 500 L/ha

How do I apply Jewel?

You should mix the granuals with water and then the application method really depends upon the size of the area you are treating. For smaller areas a watering can is a good, easy method and for larger areas a knapsack sprayer would save a lot of effort.