Cleanrun Pro

Lawn Weed and Feed Fertilizer that is very effective and economical for both domestic and professional use.

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Our granular weed and feed is a very effective lawn fertilizer that will also control most weeds and is ideal for both domestic and professional use.

Cleanrun Pro Weed and Feed 10 + 2 + 4 is a double-action, mini granular, compound fertiliser supplied in a large pack to cover professional areas, such as recreational parks, golf courses and sports pitches. Contains three selective herbicides to control common broad-leaved weeds. All you need to do is spread the mix, as per the instructions, across your lawn and let nature do the rest.

This 25kg bag will give a coverage of around 700m2.

Do I need a spreader for Cleanrun Pro?

Cleanrun Pro is a mini granular formulation however this doesn't mean that you must have a spreader to apply it. If you are applying to a small area, or breaking a large area in to manageable pieces, you can easily spread by hand. Remember to wear gloves (and wash your hands afterwards) and scatter in a 'cross-hatch' pattern meaning that you scatter left-right then up-down which means that there shouldn't be any areas that have missed their dose. Personally, I have always applied in this fashion and have found it easy, quick and effective.