Clinic UP Concentrated Low Hazard Glyphosate Weedkiller

New formulation of glyphosate weed killer - tallow free herbicide. Replaces Clinic Ace and Clinic TF. Available in 1 and 5 litres.

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Clinic UP weed killer is a 360g/L glyphosate herbicide solution suitable for most applications to kill weeds from the root.

Clinic UP replaces the well known Clinic Ace and Clinic TF which are no longer available. It is still the same strength of glyphosate but tallow free. Available in 1 and 5 litre containers. 5 litres covers 10,000m2. 1 litre covers 2,000m2.

Clinic UP is a new non tallow amine form of 360 g/L glyphosate herbicide solution. Clinic UP has a new formulation without the requirement for hazard symbols and without losing efficiency.

Clinic UP is a foliar acting total weed killer. Once sprayed the active substance in Clinic UP enters the weed and is transported through the leaves and stem to the root system where it blocks important chemical processes and the weed goes into decline and dies over a few days or weeks.

Clinic UP is a herbicide for the systemic control of annual and perennial grass and all types of broad leaved weeds. Once applied to the leaves of the weeds, it will be carried to the roots to ensure complete destruction of the weed. This 5 litre pack will give a coverage of one hectare (10,000m2 ) at an average dilution rate of 300-500ml per 10 litres of water. Crops can be grown approx 48 hours following application. The performance of Clinic UP can be further improved by using our adjuvant, Companion Gold, so saving you time and money.

It is very important that once applied you give the weed killer time to act. Don't start to worry if you haven't seen any change after 2-3 days and do not be tempted to re-apply. Providing that you have diluted and applied the product as directed then within 3-6 days you will see your treated areas changing. Initially the weeds begin to look a little 'under the weather' then, as the days pass, they will droop and their colour will start to change. One application is all that is required. If your growth is very thick then you may find that the larger weeds will receive much of the first spray. Once these start to fall away then the smaller weeds may require a second application.

After the use of any weedkiller, we recommend that you clean your application equipment thoroughly. To improve the cleaning we have a specialist cleaner, All Clear. This is particularly effective if the spray equipment will be used on vegetation.